It’s that time again. Nakk finally made a PBS party, and it was a good’un. So have screen flood. 2nd entry incoming with 2 more I grabbed. No I throw nothing away. XD

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Fun at the DJ boss party! I saw a couple people I recognized, Dem, Yakez flowersura, Agent Nakk, Naari, and the DJ boss himself! Just to name a few.

Made a fool of myself once or twice but had a ton of fun and I hope to be around for the next one! ^_^ Maybe I’ll get up the courage to actually talk to people next time too lol.

I got a bunch of footage so I’ll make a short video of the party in the next few days cause why the hell not. XD

I will admit to having been totally freaked out to talk to anyone at the DJ Party.

Still not good at talking to people but everyone is awesome! =O

The DJ party is still going on in DR, btw! Come join us!

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Is this some kinda sick joke!?

This Won’t End Well.




Ladies and Gents, are you ready for a party? Are you sick of the lame minstrel that your local tavern hired? Have you bar hopped Divinity’s Reach so much that you seen the bad minstrel six times tonight?

You, my friend, need DJ Boss!

Come to Minister Zamon’s Mansion in Divinity’s Reach to hear…

Tonight is fight night so guess whose gonna be late? This salad!

I will be there this time!

I think i’ll come this time… ificangetupthecouragetoactuallyinteractlol

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» Send Me Pics of Your GW2 Caracters


So I’m going to be house sitting for a friend for the next week without a car and little to do except play Guild Wars and draw (so I figured why not mesh the two). I know a few of you guys play so, If you want, you can submit a few pics of your character (front, back and side please) to my blog and I’ll draw them out. They may come out completed with color and shading, or they may just be sketches, I dunno, but I really need to start using my tablet more and hopefully this will force me.

This is my main, Aali Messim, with a close-up of the scar over her eye lol. ^_^ There are more pictures on my blog, ik these aren’t the greatest lol


[Aang] - [Katara] - [Sokka] - [Toph] - [Zuko]

So cool! “Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.”

» Trying to catch up to the group in EoTM



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Watching Pokémon on Saturday mornings as a kid